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  • Anahita Vazvan

Vegan Delights

Vegan Delights isn’t typical by any means. It’s about fun. Abundance. Inviting everyone to enjoy conscious, plant-based - accessible to people from all walks of life.

Inspired by Willy Wonka, Anahita recently opened up the chocolate factory to visitors where people can meet the team behind the family owned, female-led company and enjoy the creative and imaginative chocolate treats.

Setting high standards on ethics, they have a diverse team of coworkers and always do their best to buy as much organic produce as possible, fully plant-based, and always using sustainable chocolate. In an age marked by environmental issues and a collective desire to do better, this company is taking a new angle: using positivity, imagination and delicious indulgence to bring people together for a better world.

Whether vegan, omnivore or flexitarian, this modern twist on traditional chocolate Anahita’s vision is to make it not only easy but fun to choose more consciously.

She makes sure the taste and quality are always on point for an exclusive chocolate, using her buzzing mind to keep them as original as ever. You can keep them to yourself to take your special alone-time to the next level. Or share them for a generous social snack that will please the toughest crowd.

Far from the outdated idea of plant-based options being restrictive or boring, Vegan Delights are rich and luxurious. Indulgent. Creative and unexpected.

These colorful treats won’t disappoint!


Photo: Sofia Audrey Johnson

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