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  • Anahita Vazvan

Destination Tehran

I’ve been working on this concept for quite some time now and I’m so excited to finally be able to launch the first project - Destination Tehran! This box takes you to the streets of Tehran and allows you to experience the explosive flavors of a culture in chocolate bonbons.

I’m born in Sweden but I’ve been raised with Iranian/Chaldean parents and Persian flavors are something I’ve grown up with. Although I’ve only ever visited Tehran once in my life - these flavors are something that are a part of who I am and I’m so grateful to be able to share it with all of you.

Destination Tehran is an ultra exclusive box with 6 chocolates in 6 different flavors. Each flavor will be presented during the coming days.

I will continue creating Destination boxes during 2022…let’s see where the next one takes us 😊



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1 Comment

Laura Rua
Laura Rua
Nov 21, 2022

my order is lost, i wrote you several e-mails, on your website, on instagram but i recived no aswers at all. this is really upsetting. i'm a real account, not a fake or a hater. my order was placed 4th november and it's numeber 16518.

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