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Vegan Delights was born in a small kitchen in Uppsala, Sweden. The vision was to create vegan treats that didn't feel like a compromise and that dream was turned into reality. 


We're ethical, we're sustainable and we are socially conscious; sourcing directly from farmers and using as much organic and local produce as possible. Vegan Delights delivers a fair product to a growing conscious market. 

Our chocolates mean up to 70% less greenhouse gas emissions less land and water usage and last but they're made with love for all species and this planet.  


...and HEY! The best part is that our chocolates taste like everything you've ever wished for; vegan or non-vegan :D 

In the fall of 2021 we will be starting a new and exciting adventure and hope you can share it with us! 


"I was studying Political Science at Stockholm University when it all started. I had always had great interest in politics but I couldn't escape the feeling that something was missing.


Growing up, I was the creative kid. I used to paint, make jewellery, bake and do all kinds of messy things, giving my mother a headache. As I grew older, I gave up my hobbies to excel academically. Nevertheless, there was something pushing me to pick them up again. 

When I was 20 years old, most of the younger generation in my family had transitioned to a plant-based diet and I felt like we were missing out on seriously delicious vegan treats. So I started experimenting in the kitchen and suddenly the first Vegan Delights chocolates were born! They were uneven, looked like dough-balls and the chocolate wasn't tempered properly but oh my were they delicious! 

My mother and my uncle absolutely loved them and decided they wanted to invest in the idea. So in 2016, the ide of Vegan Delights Sweden was founded with the vision to provide the world with seriously delicious, sustainable and ethical treats." 

This year we will be bringing something magical to everyone - stay tuned for 2021<3


                                                       - Anahita Vazvan 



Vegan Delights Founder

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