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Orange Umbrella Rescue Bar

Orange Umbrella Rescue Bar


Orange Umbrella Rescue is a non-profit rescue-organization based in the Middle East. They strive to create better living-conditions for stray animals and wildlife in a region where animal rights are intricate. Since its founding in 2013 the organization has rescued and rehomed hundreds of animals; ranging from dogs and cats to owls and foxes.


The profit from this chocolate bar goes directly to Orange Umbrella Rescue to help them continue their mission. 

The Orange Umbrella Bar is a delicious plain vegan m*lk chocolate bar. 


Orange Umbrella Bar. Chokladkaka i vegansk mj*lkchoklad/Vegan m*lk chocolate bar. 


SE: Vegan Choc 44% (Socker, kakaosmör, kakaomassa, rispulver (rissirap, rismjöl), inulin, emulgeringsmedel SOJALECITIN, naturlig kakaoarom, naturlig vaniljarom). 

EN: Vegan Choc 44% (Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, ricepowder (rice syrup, rice flour), inulin, emulsifier SOY lecithin, natural cocoa flavor, natural vanilla flavor). 


Kan innehålla spår av hasselnötter, jordnötter, mandel, pistasch, valnötter, cashewnötter/May contain traces of hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews. 

Näringsvärde per 100g/Nutrition Facts per 100g: Energi/Energy 2575 kJ/608 kcal Fett/Fat 40g - varav mättat fett/of which saturated fat: 25.1g Kolhydrat/Carbohydrates: 43.91g - varav sockerarter/of which sugars 33.9 g Protein 0.7g Salt 0g

Tillverkare & Konsumentkontakt/Producer & Contact: 
ESA Vegan ABUlls Väg 28,
756 51, Uppsala

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